Top Links
The official Inkubus Sukkubus website - check here first for all the latest releases and information about the band and their various projects. The NetGoth Collective - highly reccomended, the original and still the best UK Net-Goth community site. Includes the searchable "Gothmap" which is invaluable for locating Goth resources, venues, events and people across the UK.
The Witches' Voice - Beautiful, and very detailed, Pagan resource site. Religious Tolerance - A Canadian site that promotes tollerance and respect of, and between, religions. Also has an intersting page defending the Gothic lifestyle from uninformed prejudice.
Twisted Tree - 'By Standing Stone and Twisted Tree', pagan resource site with a great deal of information about the local traditions and legends of Inkubus Sukkubus's own Gloucestershire. Includes articles giving the original legends behind the tracks "The Rape Of Maude Bowen" and "The Witch Of Berkley". The Gothic Revival - Uber pretentious (of course!), this is Pyromancer's personal gothic lifestyle site. Features amongst othert things, illustrated reviews of club nights, other bands, and the general Goth scene in Sheffield, Leeds and beyond.
UK Pagan Links - Resource site for the UK Pagan community
Causes, Crusades and Things Worth Doing
Greenpeace - The original green movement Amnesty International - Working to protect human rights worldwide
Gothic / Vampyre events of note
Black Sheep - "Grimly Sheepish", Black Sheep is Leeds' weekly Sunday goth night at Santiago's, in the Grand Arcade. A great night, and sometimes plays Inkies' tracks! The London Vampyre ConneXion - Regular gatherings, talks, visits to appropriate locations, etc. Famous for the Rochester based "Vampyre Masquerade Ball", which Inkubus Sukkubus have now headlined twice, in company of acts like The Faces Of Sarah and the Scary Bitches.
Flock! - The jewel in the crown of the Northern Goth Scene, runs on the first Saturday of every month at The Library, corner of Woodhouse Moor (aka Hyde Park) nearest to Leeds University. Flock! is run by the same people behind Black Sheep. This really is one of the best Goth clubs still running, well worth a visit, and sometimes hosts Inkubus Sukkubus gigs!
Gothic, Pagan, and FairTrade suppliers
Mesmerize - Very friendly, knowlegable, and reasonably priced pagan/gothic shop in Rotherham. Well worth a visit!
Some Other bands who've played at Inkies gigs
Little Match Girl - Heavy-duty industrial goth rockers from Leeds, with a stage presence that has to be experienced to be believed! Released their first album in 2003. Manuskript - Classic north midlands Goth.
The Ghost Of Lemora - played an absolutely stunning support set at the incredible 2003 Camden Underworld gig IS headlined betwen Beltaine and Midsummer 2003.
The Inkubus Sukkubus Fan Site Network
The Polish Inkubus Sukkubus Fan Site - This is sometimes down, but when it is visible it is well worth a visit! The Inkubus Sukkubus US Fan Club - Yahoo group for US fans
Other sites which mention the band in some way
Inkubus Sukkubus rock Russia! - Pictures taken by a local fan at the St Petersburg gig on Saturday 23rd April 2005. Marlies Vanderlee's band promotion site - info on Gothic and Pagan bands worth llistening to, including of course IS. Simple, but nice!
The Russian Gothc Project Ukrainian Gothic Portal
Another Russian page This used to go to a review of a live gig at The Meercat in Birmingham from 1999, however that page has gone for good so here's some meercats to compare instead. :-)
Children Of Artemis - Organisers of the world's biggest Witchcraft festival, Witchfest. Fluxeuropa (out of date but has reviews)
Gothic fan from .se Industral Evolution - gothic fan site
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Major gothic link portals - Join the Collective!

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