Dances with Wytches - Inkubus Sukkubus Live!

Victorian City 2012
The long-awaited return to Glasgow

The Endless Night Vampire Ball Of Paris 2011
One of the world's finest masquerade balls for the Dark Gifted!

The Purple Turtle, Camden, London, 2011

Witchfest International, 2010
The Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon, England

Beltaine 2010 at The Final Friday Flock
The Eiger Studios, Leeds, Yorkshire
where Inkubus Sukkubus supported by Zeitgeist Zero
saw the last ever Friday Flock off in fine style!

The Inkubus Sukkubus 20th Anniversary Tour, 2009

The Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig, 2009
Leipzig. The greatest Gothic festival on Earth.
20,000 people. Dozens of venues. Incredible bands.
Come and see what happened!

Previous gigs: Scroll down - later reviews are at the bottom of the page

"The Power and The Glory"
Leeds, Beltaine, 1999
"Goddess of the Waters"
Cheltenham, April, 2000
"Down the Well"
Leeds, Samhain, 2001
"The Vampyres of Rochester"
Medway, August, 2002
"The Revenge Of The Josephs Well"
Leeds, May, 2003
"Return to The Underworld"
Camden, June, 2003
"Queen Of The Damned"
Medway, August, 2003
Now under construction!
"Hail The Queen Of The Wytches!"
Wytchfest, Croydon, 2003
"Badgers have feelings too!"
Bristol, March, 2005
"Beltaine in the Dark City!"
Edinburgh, Beltaine 2005
"Vive la France!"
Paris, July, 2005
"Midwinter Mayhem!"
Birmingham, December 2005
"Witchfest England"
Croydon, Beltaine 2008
Join the Spiral Dance!

Join the Spiral Dance!

Join the Spiral Dance!
"Last Dance for the Duchess"
Leeds, March, 2000
"Heretics at the Greyhound!"
Coventry, April, 2001
"Welcome To The Underworld!"
Camden, August 2002
"In All Our Names"
Gloucester, January, 2003
"Hail! Hail! The Queen Of The May!"
London, Beltaine 2003
"A Midsummer Night's Madness"
Birmingham, Midsummer 2003
"The Whitby Gothic Weekend X"
Whitby, Samhain 2003
"Gotham V"
London, May 2004
"Wytches and Comrades!"
Bradford, May 2005
"Among the Dreaming Spires"
Oxford, October 2005
"In the Land of Chocolate"
Gothic Festival, Belgium, 2007
"The Darkness Of Summer"
Summer Darkness, Holland, 2007
"Back to The Underworld"
Camden, London, 2008

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