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    • - Official Downloads
      The band's official MP3 download page on Updated from time to time by Tony, at time of writing (June 2005) there are twenty-three complete tracks available for download, including a stunning live version of "Witch Queen". Enjoy!
    • Supernature - The Original Concept Recording
      This MP3, authorised by the band, is the original recording of the title track from the band's eighth studio album. In a lower key, and with less development than the version which finally appeared in 2001, it is an interesting piece and illustrates the considerable amount of work Inkubus Sukkubus put into each track they produce before final release. For best results, save this to your local disk (in Windows, right-click and select "Save Target As") and play it from there.
    • Droids Of Death
      Around the turn of the 21st century, Tony created some experimental tracks by programming a sequencer to play classical pieces, "Droids Of Death" was the result. The original masters of these tracks were lost in a hard drive crash in 2003, these are the files as published on
    • Wytches - The Lay Of The Land Remix by Coreline
      Created in 2005 with Tony's permission, this is a powernoise remix of the classic Wytches Chant, by Coreline, a Leeds-based powernoise project. It's already received club play in Northern Scene venue, and goes down well with fans of Noise.
    • Video

      • Note: These videos do not stream, you need to download (save) them to your local hard disk and play them from there.
      • Wytches - 83MB, 1994
        Shot in and around a medieval barn in Wiltshire, and featuring the original line up including live drums, this is a full-on "rock video" which intersperses shots of bonfires, candles, cauldrons and pentacles with the band performing. It's a very impressive production and provides an interesting link back to the mid 1990s and the release of the now legendary "Wytches" album.
      • Heartbeat Of The Earth - 138MB, 1996
        Featuring the band performing in the back garden of a council house for "The Big Breakfast", and shot the morning after a particularly spectacular headline apearance at the Camden Underworld, this rather odd (not to say sleepless - everyone had been up all night!) rendition of the title track of Inkubus Sukkubus's 1995 album was broadcast live on national TV. Unfortunately the TV show faded the song during the solo.
      • Maude Bowen & The Squire's Men

        During 2003, the band started to experiment with alternative sounds, including an all-acoustic gig played as part of a local acoustic music series in Cheltenham, with the band appearing incognito as "Maude Bowen and The Squire's Men". They played as a four-piece, with Marcus, formerly of Gene Loves Jezzebel, on drums, and performed ten tracks to a packed venue. With the band's permission the entire gig was videoed by Rob Sherlock, who has, again with permission, agreed to make the MPEG versions of the digital video available for download, below:
        • I Am The One - 39MB, 2003
          Taken from the band's first CD release, 1992's "Belladonna and Aconite".
        • Sabrina - 37MB, 2003
          Taken from the band's first release after they signed to Resurrection Records, 1995's "Heartbeat Of The Earth", this haunting and enchanting song was written by Candia in honour of the River Goddess of the mighty river Severn.
        • Prince Of Shadows - 46MB, 2003
          Also taken from 1995's "Heartbeat Of The Earth".
        • Sweet Morpheous - 48MB, 2003
          Taken from 1997's "Vampire Erotica".
        • Conquistadores - 37MB, 2003
          From the legendary second album, 1994's "Wytches", Conquistadores is the tragic true story of the rape and pillage of South America by the European Christian powers in the 17th Century.
        • Love Spell - 37MB, 2003
          From 1995's "Heartbeat Of The Earth", another hauntingly beautiful track.
        • Gypsy Lament - 31MB, 2003
          One of the band's oldest acoustic tracks, from 1994's Wytches, a song of sorrow and loss, the lament of a gypsy girl for her lost love.
        • Lammas Song - 47MB, 2003
          From the 1999 album "Wild!", this is a beautiful track by Candia, written at the end of Summer, on the approach to Lammas and the start of the harvest, all about the feelings of the time, heat, love, lust, as high summer gives way to the first days of Autumn.
        • Come To Me - 49MB, 2003
          From the band's 1998 EP "Away With The Faeries", this is a haunting track of the unbreakable lure of the siren.
        • Bright Star - 31MB, 2003
          Another beautiful track from the band's 1999 release, Wild!, written by Candia in honour of her son, Leon.
    • Computer Wallpaper and Graphics

    'Isis - Astarte - Diana - Hecate - Demeter - Kali - Inana'

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